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A powerful bandwidth meter, monitor, traffic controller and firewall




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Version History

Version 7.7.1(30.08.18)

  • New: updated network driver with performance improvements for jumbo frames, MTU 9000, etc.

Version 7.7.0(15.08.18)

  • New: updated network driver with performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Fix: issue with automatic archive function not backing up all files
  • Fix: small issue with update check

Version 7.6.0(11.08.18)

  • New: automatic archiving of configuration
  • New: improved "About" and "Update" dialogs
  • Fix: higher resolution application tray icon for high desktop scaling values
  • Fix: various small bug fixes, changes and improvements

Version 7.5.0(22.07.18)

  • New: more detailed license information in "About" dialog
  • New: updated license agreement and terms of use
  • Fix: various small internal changes and improvements

Version 7.4.0(08.03.18)

  • New: possibility to install and uninstall the program silently for mass deployment. See the manual for details.

Version 7.3.4(27.12.17)

  • New: time expiration indicator in firewall rules list

Version 7.3.3(16.08.17)

  • New: improved speed for detecting programs accessing the network

Version 7.3.2(18.07.17)

  • Fix: improved compatibility with Windows Vista and XP

Version 7.3.1(12.07.17)

  • Fix: crash when double-clicking an item in the firewall activity list

Version 7.3.0(08.05.17)

  • New: registration name can be displayed in non-ANSI characters in "About" dialog

Version 7.2.4(08.04.17)

  • Fix: connection slowdown for new applications in firewall mode
  • Fix: "localhost" name resolution for IP in monitor dialogs

Version 7.2.3(04.04.17)

  • Fix: small firewall dialog improvements

Version 7.2.2(20.03.17)

  • Fix: truncated dialog texts for higher DPI settings of Windows
  • New: Visual Studio 2017 recompilation

Version 7.2.1(24.02.17)

  • Fix: crash in options dialog when adding network interfaces

Version 7.2.0(14.02.17)

  • New: updated network driver for better performance and compatibility
  • Fix: better detection of local IP address range at first start of the program
  • Fix: rebuilding the adapter list when network adapters are disabled/enabled, etc. to prevent problems

Version 7.1.2(10.12.16)

  • Fix: setup problems for user names starting with 'n' or 'r'
  • Fix: default configuration path in user profile when selecting custom data location

Version 7.1.1(18.09.16)

  • Fix: driver installation error under Windows 8.1

Version 7.1.0(15.09.16)

  • New: new network driver for better performance and compatibility
  • Fix: driver certificate update for Windows 10 Anniversary update

Version 7.0.0(21.07.16)

  • New: redesigned firewall configuration
  • New: firewall monitor to show current activity
  • New: adaptive column width in filter lists
  • New: export / import functions for firewall definitions
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 6.11.3(02.06.16)

  • Fix: setup warns if data location is selected on drives without write permission

Version 6.11.2(21.10.15)

  • Fix: switching to Bits/s instead Bytes/s produced incorrect values

Version 6.11.1(11.10.15)

  • New: customizable tray icon texts
  • Fix: style dialog issues in high dpi settings

Version 6.11.0(10.10.15)

  • New: average values for download and upload in graphs
  • New: bar width and bar gaps for graphs
  • New: on demand display ("mouse over" mode) of information text boxes in graphs
  • New: mix colors of alert indicator
  • New: copy & paste of visual styles of graphs
  • New: much more flexibility for customizing graphs
  • New: new default colors for graphs
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 6.10.0(20.09.15)

  • New: digitally signed setup program and main program
  • New: driver digitally signed by "DeskSoft"
  • New: driver now is removed by Setup if its activation fails
  • New: improved setup program

Version 6.9.1(18.08.15)

  • New: Visual Studio 2015 recompilation
  • Fix: post-setup copy operations for unattended setup improved (see manual for details)

Version 6.9.0(18.07.15)

  • New: Windows 10 compatibility

Version 6.8.3(26.02.15)

  • New: font selection for context menus
  • Fix: increased network access time to 10 mintues for "Just Now" and "Not Now" firewall access restrictions

Version 6.8.2(06.01.15)

  • Fix: internal updates and small changes

Version 6.8.1(28.11.14)

  • Fix: keyboard navigation in main dialog not working
  • Fix: ESC key to hide main dialog not working

Version 6.8.0(09.10.14)

  • New: updated version with new network driver for increased compatibility

Version 6.7.3(18.08.14)

  • Fix: removed default button from firewall alert dialog to prevent accidentally allowing a program to access the internet

Version 6.7.2(29.05.14)

  • Fix: no network activity detected after disabling and enabling network interfaces

Version 6.7.1(10.05.14)

  • New: updated version with new network driver for increased compatibility

Version 6.7.0(30.04.14)

  • New: updated version with new network driver for increased compatibility

Version 6.6.3(11.04.14)

  • Fix: internal updates and small changes

Version 6.6.2(16.10.13)

  • Fix: problems with IPv6 connections on some systems

Version 6.6.1(01.10.13)

  • New: definition of IP masks for local network

Version 6.6.0(17.08.13)

  • New: updated network driver

Version 6.5.2(14.04.13)

  • Fix: switching filter mode from / to normal and firewall

Version 6.5.1(13.04.13)

  • New: backup / restore / reset configuration in "About" dialog
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 6.5.0(23.01.13)

  • New: updated network driver

Version 6.4.0(16.12.12)

  • New: improved firewall dialog
  • New: Windows 8 compatible

Version 6.3.0(17.10.12)

  • New: number of fractional digits for statistics
  • New: preliminary Windows 8 support

Version 6.2.2(16.06.12)

  • New: remote port for remote statistics (allowing collection of remote statistics of multiple users on one computer)

Version 6.2.1(02.05.12)

  • Fix: alert display units
  • Fix: crash with file dialogs

Version 6.2.0(06.04.12)

  • Fix: network disconnection problem with some wireless adapters
  • Fix: empty window caption of update check dialog

Version 6.1.1(02.02.12)

  • New: improved license check in update dialog

Version 6.1.0(24.10.11)

  • New: addded option to log graph values to a file

Version 6.0.5(14.10.11)

  • New: improved unattended setup with init of user configuration

Version 6.0.4(07.10.11)

  • New: option to restart BWMeter after sleep
  • Fix: send Email notifications with correct date
  • Fix: font size in graph windows adjust to system dpi settings

Version 6.0.3(25.08.11)

  • Fix: duplicate entry in context menu

Version 6.0.2(25.08.11)

  • Fix: improved ping log and notifications for "Log changes" mode

Version 6.0.1(20.08.11)

  • New: added maximum number of sites to check in ping system

Version 6.0.0(20.08.11)

  • New: new network driver for better compatibility and performance
  • New: choice of temporary persistence for allowing or forbidding network access in firewall mode
  • New: ping support for monitoring web servers, internet connections, etc.
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.4.1(25.03.11)

  • Fix: crash when importing a mal-formatted csv file into the statistics

Version 5.4.0(06.01.11)

  • Fix: performance problems with application filtering (firewall mode)

Version 5.3.0(20.10.10)

  • New: support for IPv6 in local network under Windows 7

Version 5.2.8(17.10.10)

  • Fix: removed alert check interval which caused problems

Version 5.2.7(11.10.10)

  • New: automatic update check
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.2.6(11.09.10)

  • New: license file extension changed from "dlc" to "DeskSoftLicense" to avoid incompatibilities with other programs

Version 5.2.5(05.09.10)

  • Fix: deleting filters, graphs and alerts didn't work if names were similar
  • Fix: stopping traffic filters from alerts

Version 5.2.4(14.07.10)

  • Fix: user interface problems with high dpi screen settings

Version 5.2.3(22.06.10)

  • Fix: saving current settings and options when shutting down the computer
  • Fix: removed Windows 2000 from the compatibility list

Version 5.2.2(07.04.10)

  • New: setup distribution in exe file format

Version 5.2.1(30.10.09)

  • Fix: deleting remote filters
  • Fix: crashes when clicking Ok or Cancel under certain circumstances
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.2.0(03.09.09)

  • Fix: new network driver version (fixes problems with hibernation and sleep under Windows 7)
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.1.1(01.08.09)

  • Fix: adding filters to alerts didn't work correctly
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.1.0(23.07.09)

  • Fix: new network driver version (fixes problems when returning from hibernation under Vista)
  • Fix: warning when wrong (old) version of the network driver is detected

Version 5.0.3(19.07.09)

  • Fix: improved firewall functionality
  • Fix: evaluation for 30 days now possible when older major version was installed before

Version 5.0.2(15.07.09)

  • Fix: firewall not always working when auto-starting BWMeter with Windows
  • Fix: display warning when firewall could not be activated

Version 5.0.1(12.07.09)

  • New: check interval for alerts (can be used as stopwatch or countdown, e.g. for billing cycles, etc.)
  • New: check interval of alerts can be displayed in graphs
  • Fix: setup problems when installing the background service
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.0.0(07.07.09)

  • New: filter by application (firewall feature)
  • New: firewall mode (interactive and silent)
  • New: updated network driver (fixes incompatibility issues)
  • New: significantly improved performance for high speed networks
  • New: alert text for displaying current alert value
  • New: alert mode for traffic over last 30 days, etc.
  • New: alert now supports activating speed limits in remote filters
  • New: filter displays current speed limit values
  • New: filters can be enabled / disabled in general filter options
  • New: alerts can be enabled / disabled in general alert options
  • New: significantly decreased memory consumption
  • New: optimized main dialog
  • New: full Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) compatibility
  • Fix: remote statistics not always accurate
  • Fix: remote statistics stopped working when local IP address changes
  • Fix: many other bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.3.6(02.06.09)

  • Fix: problem with setup when not choosing default data path

Version 4.3.5(07.05.09)

  • Fix: problem with remote handling of filters with equal names

Version 4.3.4(28.04.09)

  • New: improved setup routine

Version 4.3.3(16.04.09)

  • New: option to skip quit confirmation
  • Fix: position saving when screen resolution changes
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.3.2(28.03.09)

  • Fix: minor issues with sending emails using SSL
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.3.1(14.03.09)

  • New: updated setup routine
  • Fix: incomplete uninstall information
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.3.0(28.02.09)

  • New: borderless graph windows (see screenshots)
  • New: custom text for graphs
  • New: updated window locking logic
  • Fix: regional month strings in statistics
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.3(22.02.09)

  • New: enabled export feature for stopwatch
  • New: added "/s" to graph transfer display
  • New: changes in the setup routine
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.2(15.02.09)

  • Fix: graphs stay hidden when screen resolution changes

Version 4.2.1(10.01.09)

  • New: support for SSL in email notifications (e.g. for gmail)
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.0(18.12.08)

  • Fix: graphs now follow screen resolution changes (can be deactivated in window menu)

Version 4.1.8(12.12.08)

  • Fix: changes in the setup routine
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.7(24.09.08)

  • Fix: program didn't ask for password when enabling/disabling speed limit

Version 4.1.6(18.09.08)

  • Fix: incorrect alert values with remote filters

Version 4.1.5(12.09.08)

  • Fix: incorrect display in tray icon under certain circumstances

Version 4.1.4(31.08.08)

  • Fix: crash when adding new filters

Version 4.1.3(28.08.08)

  • Fix: drastically reduced memory consumption
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.2(20.08.08)

  • Fix: fixed setup problems for user accounts with special characters
  • Fix: fixed problems with license activation on certain configurations

Version 4.1.1(15.07.08)

  • New: prepared versioning of filters and graphs so that future versions can import old configuration data easily
  • Fix: reduced size of exe file
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.0(14.07.08)

  • New: remote filters can be displayed in graphs
  • New: maximum number of entries in filter definitions now 1024 (instead of 16)
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.0.1(01.07.08)

  • Fix: problem with reappearing filters and graphs
  • Fix: checked user interface items displayed incorrectly
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.0.0(08.04.08)

  • New: full 64 bit support
  • New: improved Vista compatibility
  • New: interface focus color adjusts to system default
  • New: several improvements and bug fixes
  • New: the new version does not support Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4 anymore! Please download version 3 of BWMeter if you need support for the old operating systems.

Version 3.4.0(16.02.08)

  • New: improved network driver for better compatibility
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.3.3(25.12.07)

  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.3.2(05.11.07)

  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.3.1(23.10.07)

  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes of the main program and the setup program

Version 3.3.0(15.10.07)

  • New: the "About" dialog contains links to open the program folder and the data folder. Useful for backing up the configuration, moving the program to another computer, etc.
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.2.4(08.10.07)

  • Fix: problem with window colors not remembered correctly after restart

Version 3.2.3(27.09.07)

  • Fix: problems alerts after resetting filter stats
  • Fix: crashes under certain rare circumstances

Version 3.2.2(18.09.07)

  • Fix: problem with position and size of graphs

Version 3.2.1(07.09.07)

  • New: position and size in graph options
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.2.0(21.08.07)

  • New: item to enable / disable speed limits in the context menus
  • Fix: problems with keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.1.3(03.08.07)

  • Fix: problem with tray icons not being removed after quitting BWMeter

Version 3.1.2(12.07.07)

  • New: program waits for data folder at startup
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.1.1(09.06.07)

  • New: statistics list remembers column widths
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.1.0(02.05.07)

  • New: alert indicator in graphs (for displaying bandwidth limits, average speeds, etc.)
  • New: color gradients for improved visual appearance
  • New: command line parameters for resetting filter statistics, etc.

Version 3.0.3(20.03.07)

  • New: the percentage values in the show/hide graphs options now accept up to two decimal places for more accuracy.

Version 3.0.2(31.01.07)

  • New: added more unit options for custom connection speed in graphs

Version 3.0.1(31.01.07)

  • New: added more standard speeds in graph options
  • New: added color selection for stop indicator in tray icon of graphs

Version 3.0.0(30.01.07)

  • New: new network driver for improved compatibility with firewalls and virus scanners
  • New: Vista compatible (32 bit)
  • New: transparency of graphs moved to context menu of graph windows
  • New: click-through mode for graphs ("ghost" mode)
  • New: tray icons of graphs show indicator if traffic is stopped
  • New: option for clicking tray icons to stop/start traffic
  • Fix: correct drawing of graph borders without window caption under Vista
  • Fix: Vista compatible icons

Version 2.6.4(05.01.07)

  • Fix: problem with using graphs on multi-monitor systems

Version 2.6.3(15.11.06)

  • Fix: problem with drawing tray icons of graphs
  • Fix: fixed random crashes when adding filers

Version 2.6.2(08.11.06)

  • Fix: fixed a bug in the setup routine for unattended setup

Version 2.6.1(14.10.06)

  • New: added 4 Mbit standard speed in graph options
  • New: some enhancements and fixes of traffic display in graphs

Version 2.6.0(04.10.06)

  • New: multiple address masks for local network
  • New: single-click on tray icon
  • New: display sum of upload and download in graphs
  • New: ExportStats utility now with new parameter for units
  • Fix: showing graph windows on top of other windows
  • Fix: problem with adding and removing interfaces

Version 2.5.2(22.06.06)

  • New: some changes of the setup program

Version 2.5.1(26.05.06)

  • New: some important internal changes regarding stability and security

Version 2.5.0(28.04.06)

  • New: filters can now include IP Protocol overhead
  • New: filters can now exclude upload or download
  • Fix: some minor issues with the license validation

Version 2.4.2(22.02.06)

  • Fix: important fix of a bug in the setup routine - please download and install this update to avoid possible problems!

Version 2.4.1(15.02.06)

  • Fix: crash with logging details to disk fixed

Version 2.4.0(05.02.06)

  • Fix: graph redraw problems
  • Fix: improved compatibility to multi-user environments

Version 2.3.5(03.01.06)

  • Fix: updated network driver
  • Fix: speed limits greater 1 MB/s now work correctly
  • Fix: internal changes of the setup routine

Version 2.3.4(01.08.05)

  • Fix: NT 4.0: if in service mode and tray icon doesn't show up automatically, simply starting BWMeter again will display it

Version 2.3.3(07.07.05)

  • Fix: alert mode "each time x bytes are transferred" now working correctly
  • Fix: high CPU load on certain Win9x configurations

Version 2.3.2(03.06.05)

  • Fix: tray icon appears correctly in service mode

Version 2.3.1(02.05.05)

  • New: IP address with mask in filter definition
  • Fix: more accurate handling of schedules

Version 2.3.0(24.02.05)

  • New: redesigned speed limits
  • New: alerts can activate speed limits or stop traffic
  • New: easier license activation

Version 2.2.2(28.01.05)

  • New: option to periodically refresh local IP addresses from host names
  • Fix: network driver updated for better compatibility

Version 2.2.1(04.12.04)

  • Fix: compatibility problem with Windows NT 4 solved

Version 2.2.0(20.11.04)

  • New: stopwatch works independently for all filters, stays active when main dialog is closed, shows minimum transfer rate, etc.
  • New: ExportStats now supports parameters for controlling the exported time span and the sum of exported data
  • Fix: problem of stopwatch incorrectly showing terabytes of data transfer

Version 2.1.1(18.10.04)

  • Fix: problems with file name of log file in "Select File..." dialog of the "Details" page
  • Fix: log file appends new lines instead of overwriting when BWMeter is started again

Version 2.1.0(18.10.04)

  • New: password protection
  • New: command line utility for exporting statistics
  • Fix: remote filters can now be added to watch list of alerts

Version 2.0.2(08.10.04)

  • Fix: incompatibility with Kerio Personal Firewall 4

Version 2.0.1(12.08.04)

  • Fix: incorrect tooltips of tray icon of hidden graphs

Version 2.0.0(05.08.04)

  • New: speed limit for each filter
  • New: "Stop Traffic" switch
  • New: export and import filters and graphs
  • New: BWMeter now remembers interfaces that are temporarily unavailable
  • New: remote statistics of other PCs running BWMeter
  • New: statistics overview for filters
  • New: combined alerts and notifications
  • Fix: improved compatibility to XP SP2 and firewalls
  • Fix: minor changes and bug fixes

Version 1.8.2(12.07.04)

  • Fix: problem with period data calculation of Alerts

Version 1.8.1(08.07.04)

  • Fix: problem with Reset button of Alerts

Version 1.8.0(09.06.04)

  • New: per filter period definitions
  • New: hourly statistics
  • New: import feature for statistics
  • New: setup system with data path configuration
  • New: removed obsolete "Network" monitoring
  • Fix: incorrect statistics dates on some systems

Version 1.7.0(28.05.04)

  • New: vertical grid lines
  • New: multiple tray icons
  • New: sum of download and upload in statistics
  • New: new tray icon mode
  • New: removed "MAX:" and "POS:" from the maximum field in graph windows
  • Fix: problem with tray icons under Windows 9x
  • Fix: problem with email notification with no subject set
  • Fix: occasional crashes after sending email
  • Fix: changed storage of settings and application data

Version 1.6.1(13.05.04)

  • Fix: incorrect labels of start button of stopwatch
  • Fix: minor maintenance fixes

Version 1.6.0(08.05.04)

  • New: include and exclude option for filter time
  • Fix: inaccuracy of statistics at midnight (when date changes)

Version 1.5.0(21.04.04)

  • New: alerts and notifications
  • New: log file for details
  • New: font and size selection for graph texts
  • New: dynamic font size reduction
  • New: reduced minimum size of graph windows
  • New: increased task priority of capture thread
  • Fix: restricted captured packets to IP packets
  • Fix: exclusion of port 0 and protocol 0 in the filter options

Version 1.4.4(30.03.04)

  • Fix: incorrect month listing in statistics
  • Fix: improved compatibility with Wi-Fi adapters under Windows 2000

Version 1.4.3(30.03.04)

  • Fix: problems with displaying BWMeter when no graph is visible and tray icon is disabled

Version 1.4.2(27.03.04)

  • Fix: improved compatibility with Wi-Fi adapters

Version 1.4.1(18.03.04)

  • New: Setup can now install the product for the current user or all users and it can optionally create a shortcut on the Desktop
  • Fix: improved compatibility to Firewalls and other network software
  • Fix: "Window always on top" issues

Version 1.4.0

  • New: support for dial-up, modem, ADSL, xDSL, VPN and other WAN interfaces
  • New: support for multiple local IP addresses
  • New: filter time dependency
  • New: filter by MAC address
  • New: dynamic graph scaling
  • New: option for text colors
  • Fix: reliability of "always on top" window option for multiple graphs
  • Fix: graph drawing for very small windows
  • Fix: crash when right-clicking tray menu item
  • Fix: graph flicker on mouse move
  • Fix: CTRL+A for selecting everything in statistics list

Version 1.3.1

  • Fix: problem with restarting BWMeter when no graphs are visible and tray icon is switched off
  • Fix: incorrect display at midnight
  • Fix: compatibility issue with TrayIt

Version 1.3.0

  • New: selection of "bits/sec" and "bytes/sec" for graphs
  • New: possibility to make graphs so small that only the text part is visible
  • New: graph smoothing
  • New: variable graph update time intervals
  • New: graph option "Visible" to show / hide graphs temporarily
  • New: current transfer rate in stop watch
  • New: auto-show/hide for graphs
  • New: time and transfer rate info of any point in graph
  • New: active tray icon
  • Fix: improved compatibility with some network interfaces
  • Fix: bug in display of "Download only" and "Upload only"
  • Fix: resource issues

Version 1.2.2

  • New: context menu item "Clear" for clearing the graphs
  • Fix: window frame redraw issues
  • Fix: incorrect graph auto scale at midnight

Version 1.2.1

  • Fix: restart issues
  • Fix: list view problems on some systems

Version 1.2

  • New: advanced port configuration for filters
  • New: optional grid lines
  • New: keyboard navigation for menus
  • Fix: minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.1 (Build 2)

  • Fix: this build fixes some problems with the keyboard navigation in the main dialog
  • Fix: tray icon is restored after explorer crash and when users log off/on

Version 1.1

  • New: can run as a Service now, independent of logged on users
  • New: transparency for graph windows
  • New: display of maximum graph value
  • Fix: minor fixes and changes

Version 1.0

  • First public release of BWMeter

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