Version History

Version 5.23.4(05.05.24)

  • New: improved configuration archiving (some tokens and environment variables can be used in path and filename)
  • New: rounded corners of menus under Windows 11
  • New: more detailed debug logging
  • Fix: remove invalid characters from email addresses in SMTP server
  • Fix: some more occasional crashes
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.23.3(09.04.23)

  • Fix: occasional crashes when sending emails
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.23.2(05.03.23)

  • Fix: main window not showing on some systems

Version 5.23.1(27.11.22)

  • Fix: issue with warning and error icon in status bar

Version 5.23.0(23.10.22)

  • New: API interface for listing emails
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.22.3(20.07.22)

  • Fix: adding rules not working under some circuumstances

Version 5.22.2(09.07.22)

  • New: small improvement when deleting emails and bypassing the Recycle Bin with holding "Shift"

Version 5.22.1(12.03.22)

  • Fix: various small changes and maintenance fixes

Version 5.22.0(29.12.21)

  • New: Windows 11 compatibility
  • Fix: faster deletion of emails to the Recycle Bin
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.21.9(14.10.21)

  • Fix: underscores in subject, from, to, etc.

Version 5.21.8(27.09.21)

  • New: complete command line (including program and arguments) can be used for starting the default mail program
  • Fix: cut off subject texts, etc. in email list
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.21.7(23.09.20)

  • Fix: more detailed error log for failed recepients when sending emails
  • Fix: error when creating backup of the configuration

Version 5.21.6(05.07.20)

  • Fix: increased timeout for waiting for answers of external smtp servers
  • Fix: better handling of send errors when external smtp server has problems
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.21.5(20.05.20)

  • Fix: crash when pressing enter to open an email

Version 5.21.4(14.02.20)

  • Fix: issue with saving options when system shuts down

Version 5.21.3(22.01.20)

  • Fix: issue when programs change the display resolution

Version 5.21.2(04.01.20)

  • Fix: rare issue with internal uncompression routine

Version 5.21.1(29.12.19)

  • New: improved setup and uninstall programs
  • New: updated end user license agreement in setup
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.21.0(21.12.19)

  • New: creation of start menu shortcuts now optional in setup
  • New: setup dialogs dynamically adjusts to DPI changes
  • New: program window and dialogs dynamically adjust to DPI changes
  • New: improved options saving format
  • Fix: improved format of setup program
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.20.0(06.05.19)

  • New: removed Windows XP support (please download v5.19.2 if you want to use the program under Windows XP)
  • New: Visual Studio 2019 recompilation for better compatibility to new systems
  • New: adjustments for the latest updates of Windows 10

Version 5.19.1(13.03.19)

  • Fix: dialog and menu positions when screen configuration changes
  • Fix: small fixes regarding user account access (data folder, etc.)
  • Fix: adjustments for the latest updates of Windows 10

Version 5.19.0(03.03.19)

  • New: improved unattended setup
  • Fix: various small fixes and improvements

Version 5.18.1(09.11.18)

  • Fix: dialog elements for desktops with scaling factors other than 100%

Version 5.18.0(28.10.18)

  • New: reduced minimum update check interval to 7 days
  • Fix: crash with incorrectly formatted emails
  • Fix: layout for desktops with scaling factors other than 100%

Version 5.17.2(20.08.18)

  • Fix: crash when fields in email header are too long

Version 5.17.1(15.08.18)

  • Fix: issue with automatic archive function not backing up all files
  • Fix: small issue with update check

Version 5.17.0(11.08.18)

  • New: automatic archiving of configuration
  • New: improved "About" and "Update" dialogs
  • Fix: higher resolution application tray icon for high desktop scaling values
  • Fix: various small bug fixes, changes and improvements

Version 5.16.0(22.07.18)

  • New: more detailed license information in "About" dialog
  • New: updated license agreement and terms of use
  • Fix: various small internal changes and improvements

Version 5.15.2(08.07.18)

  • New: log window closes after clearing the log
  • Fix: various small internal changes and improvements

Version 5.15.1(16.04.18)

  • Fix: crashes when timeout occurs during receiving of data

Version 5.15.0(08.03.18)

  • New: possibility to install and uninstall the program silently for mass deployment. See the manual for details.

Version 5.14.4(18.07.17)

  • Fix: improved compatibility with Windows Vista and XP

Version 5.14.3(03.07.17)

  • Fix: problem with resizing and moving user interface items

Version 5.14.2(14.06.17)

  • Fix: improvement of download speed for large number of emails
  • Fix: various small changes and improvements

Version 5.14.1(29.05.17)

  • New: debug log level for POP3 and SMTP server modes
  • Fix: improved compatibility of POP3 server mode

Version 5.14.0(08.05.17)

  • New: registration name can be displayed in non-ANSI characters in "About" dialog

Version 5.13.0(27.04.17)

  • New: log level selection in options dialog

Version 5.12.0(24.02.17)

  • New: selection of network interface (IP address) for POP3 and SMTP server

Version 5.11.2(06.02.17)

  • Fix: smtp server connections with authentication now uses "EHLO" instead of "HELO"

Version 5.11.1(10.12.16)

  • Fix: setup problems for user names starting with 'n' or 'r'
  • Fix: default configuration path in user profile when selecting custom data location

Version 5.11.0(24.10.16)

  • New: option to move deleted emails to Windows Recycle Bin
  • New: holding Ctrl key toggles hiding main window option (when inbox and outbox are empty or starting the mail program)
  • New: new options saving system that allows the configuration to be kept when updating versions
  • Fix: various small changes and improvements

Version 5.10.3(02.06.16)

  • Fix: setup warns if data location is selected on drives without write permission

Version 5.10.2(08.02.16)

  • New: updated SSL library

Version 5.10.1(17.11.15)

  • Fix: notifications create windows that are not destroyed

Version 5.10.0(03.10.15)

  • New: mail programs must select an account of CheckMails SMTP server by authorization with username and password
  • New: option to hide main window when Inbox and Outbox become empty (e.g. when deleting all emails or retrieving them with an email program)
  • New: option to hide main window when default mail program is opened
  • Fix: better detection of main IP address (uses first network connection now). Important for server mode.
  • Fix: correct implementation of POP3 "TOP" command for better compatibility with email checking programs
  • Fix: log entries sometimes missing or incorrect due to parallel threads
  • Fix: crash when pressing the "Del" key to delete emails

Version 5.9.1(23.09.15)

  • New: deleting email from internal POP3 server now puts it in the "Deleted" folder instead of deleting it completely

Version 5.9.0(20.09.15)

  • New: digitally signed setup program and main program
  • New: support for STARTTLS command for SMTP servers
  • Fix: improved SSL/TLS handling - when upgrading, please check the SSL options of your accounts
  • Fix: copy & paste with keyboard shortcuts in the edit fields of email previews

Version 5.8.3(01.09.15)

  • Fix: immediate and indefinite retries when sending emails and an account connect error occurs

Version 5.8.2(18.08.15)

  • New: Visual Studio 2015 recompilation
  • New: support for SSLv3, TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2 for POP3 and SMTP
  • Fix: post-setup copy operations for unattended setup improved (see manual for details)

Version 5.8.1(09.08.15)

  • Fix: cut, copy, paste in preview window sometimes not working

Version 5.8.0(18.07.15)

  • New: Windows 10 compatibility

Version 5.7.0(26.02.15)

  • New: font selection for preview and edit window
  • New: font selection for user interface

Version 5.6.7(01.06.14)

  • Fix: occasional hangs with SSL connections

Version 5.6.6(30.03.14)

  • Fix: various small bug fixes and internal improvements

Version 5.6.5(27.01.14)

  • Fix: better handling of special characters

Version 5.6.4(06.01.14)

  • Fix: incorrect checking of header fields for not downloaded emails

Version 5.6.3(16.10.13)

  • Fix: various small internal bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.6.2(13.04.13)

  • New: backup / restore / reset configuration in "About" dialog
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.6.1(25.02.13)

  • New: left-clicking tray icon shows and hides main window
  • New: warning in status bar if any previous operation failed

Version 5.6.0(06.02.13)

  • New: option to hide/close main window with ESC key
  • Fix: better log messages for server connection errors

Version 5.5.0(23.01.13)

  • New: option to log errors only
  • New: server replies in error logs
  • Fix: some minor SSL issues fixed

Version 5.4.10(06.04.12)

  • Fix: empty window caption of update check dialog

Version 5.4.9(24.03.12)

  • Fix: user interface glitches when resizing or moving toolbars

Version 5.4.8(02.02.12)

  • New: improved license check in update dialog

Version 5.4.7(14.10.11)

  • New: improved unattended setup with init of user configuration

Version 5.4.6(31.05.11)

  • Fix: incorrect items in inbox

Version 5.4.5(15.12.10)

  • Fix: receive time of emails not displayed correctly

Version 5.4.4(02.12.10)

  • Fix: notification message text not displayed for long email messages

Version 5.4.3(11.10.10)

  • New: automatic update check
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.4.2(04.10.10)

  • Fix: incorrect number of new messages in tray icon text

Version 5.4.1(11.09.10)

  • New: license file extension changed from "dlc" to "DeskSoftLicense" to avoid incompatibilities with other programs

Version 5.4.0(06.08.10)

  • New: Notifications can be repeated

Version 5.3.3(14.07.10)

  • Fix: user interface problems with high dpi screen settings

Version 5.3.2(22.06.10)

  • Fix: saving current settings and options when shutting down the computer
  • Fix: removed Windows 2000 from the compatibility list

Version 5.3.1(03.05.10)

  • Fix: graphical glitch with round corners of toolbar buttons

Version 5.3.0(07.04.10)

  • New: last check indicator in status bar and tray icon text
  • New: setup distribution in exe file format
  • Fix: cancel button is default for delete confirmations

Version 5.2.2(07.11.09)

  • New: tokens %n% and %N% for rules (see manual for complete list)
  • Fix: number of new emails in tray icon

Version 5.2.1(10.10.09)

  • Fix: support for SSLv3 (needed for Hotmail, Windows Live, etc.)
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.2.0(26.08.09)

  • New: parts of the emails (subject, from, etc.) can be used in notifications
  • New: toolbar button for starting mail program
  • New: full Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) compatibility
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.1.7(01.08.09)

  • New: right-clicking email list headers locks/unlocks sorting
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.1.6(24.06.09)

  • Fix: uninstall not working under certain configurations

Version 5.1.5(22.06.09)

  • New: updated setup routine. Added warning when an antivirus software, firewall, etc. blocks setup.
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.1.4(02.06.09)

  • Fix: problem with setup when not choosing default data path

Version 5.1.3(28.04.09)

  • Fix: sort arrow incorrectly draw on list headers
  • New: improved setup routine

Version 5.1.2(16.04.09)

  • Fix: position saving when screen resolution changes
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.1.1(06.04.09)

  • Fix: bug when rule is checking the contents of the email body

Version 5.1.0(28.03.09)

  • Fix: emails sometimes incomplete when using SSL
  • Fix: timeout for email checking sometimes not handled correctly
  • Fix: improved memory handling
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.0.8(14.03.09)

  • New: updated setup routine
  • Fix: incomplete uninstall information
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.0.7(28.02.09)

  • New: borderless windows
  • New: updated window locking logic
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.0.6(22.02.09)

  • New: changes to setup routine
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.0.5(12.12.08)

  • Fix: changes in the setup routine
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 5.0.4(22.08.08)

  • Fix: fixed problems with replying or forwarding multipart messages
  • Fix: fixed button texts for saving confirmation dialog

Version 5.0.3(20.08.08)

  • Fix: fixed setup problems for user accounts with special characters
  • Fix: fixed problems with license activation on certain configurations

Version 5.0.2(19.07.08)

  • Fix: email format incorrect when replying or forwarding certain emails

Version 5.0.1(08.04.08)

  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes regarding the display of the time when emails are received

Version 5.0.0(18.03.08)

  • New: full 64 bit support
  • New: improved Vista compatibility
  • New: interface focus color adjusts to system default
  • New: several improvements and bug fixes
  • New: the new version does not support Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4 anymore! Please download version 4 of CheckMail if you need support for the old operating systems.

Version 4.2.4(25.12.07)

  • Fix: replying to or forwarding certain multi-part messages didn't work correctly

Version 4.2.3(20.12.07)

  • Fix: fixed a bug that caused CheckMail to crash under certain circumstances

Version 4.2.2(05.11.07)

  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.1(23.10.07)

  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes of the main program and the setup program

Version 4.2.0(15.10.07)

  • New: the "About" dialog contains links to open the program folder and the data folder. Useful for backing up the configuration, moving the program to another computer, etc.
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.1(08.10.07)

  • Fix: problem with window colors not remembered correctly after restart

Version 4.1.0(19.09.07)

  • New: tray icon shows new emails in red color, old ones in green
  • New: tool tip of tray icon shows total number of emails and number of new ones
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.0.2(07.09.07)

  • Fix: correct handling of names containing commas
  • Fix: problems with selecting correct emails in outbox for sending
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.0.1(22.08.07)

  • Fix: sender added to recipients list when replying to an email
  • Fix: opening incorrect email when double-clicking an item in the list after deleting an email
  • Fix: display of deleted emails in outbox
  • Fix: scrolling edit boxes in preview and new email window
  • Fix: update of list view scroll bar after deleting last emails in list

Version 4.0.0(21.08.07)

  • New: SSL support (Gmail, etc.)
  • New: composing new email, replying to and forwarding existing emails
  • New: default username and password for remote SMTP servers
  • New: improved email preview
  • New: better error handling
  • New: support for the CC field in rules
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.2.0(12.07.07)

  • New: program waits for data folder at startup
  • New: option to show the passwords in plain text
  • New: holding down the shift key when deleting a message permanently deletes it (instead of moving to "Deleted" folder
  • Fix: program hanging when checking messages occasionally
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.1.6(16.05.07)

  • Fix: restructured log messages for better overview over email actions

Version 3.1.5(12.02.07)

  • New: added automatic folder selection after deleting all emails from a folder
  • Fix: problem with automatic folder selections

Version 3.1.4(31.01.07)

  • New: transparency selection
  • Fix: Vista compatible icons

Version 3.1.3(15.11.06)

  • New: time and date display in local format
  • Fix: demo message appearing too often
  • Fix: menu item "Manual" not working

Version 3.1.2(08.11.06)

  • Fix: fixed a bug in the setup routine for unattended setup

Version 3.1.1(06.10.06)

  • Fix: Vista compatibility

Version 3.1.0(26.07.06)

  • New: removed length limit of rule conditions
  • New: save and clear functions for log
  • Fix: many small fixes and improvements

Version 3.0.5(28.06.06)

  • Fix: schedules work correctly if system time is set forward and back again

Version 3.0.4(22.06.06)

  • New: some changes of the setup program

Version 3.0.3(26.05.06)

  • New: some important internal changes regarding stability and security

Version 3.0.2(28.04.06)

  • Fix: correct handling of rule conditions selected with "or"
  • Fix: some minor issues with the license validation

Version 3.0.1(22.03.06)

  • Fix: incorrect UIDL detection for some POP3 servers

Version 3.0.0(18.03.06)

  • New: support for local accounts, so CheckMail can now handle internal emails as well as outbound ones
  • New: sending emails individually (instead of all emails of an account)
  • New: assigning emails to accounts when receiving them from remote POP3 servers
  • New: option for switching "To" and "From" column in list view of Outbox
  • New: command "Mark as unread"
  • New: schedule option "check at startup"
  • Fix: enabling edit field for delimiters in rules
  • Fix: occasional crashes when viewing certain emails

Version 2.6.1(22.02.06)

  • Fix: important fix of a bug in the setup routine - please download and install this update to avoid possible problems!

Version 2.6.0(05.02.06)

  • New: "Raw From" and "Raw To" filters in rules
  • New: delimiter characters can be selected in rules
  • Fix: occasional crashes on some systems
  • Fix: email bodies lost when pressing "Check Now" button in rules dialog
  • Fix: improved compatibility to multi-user environments

Version 2.5.4(03.01.06)

  • Fix: internal changes of the setup routine

Version 2.5.3(04.10.05)

  • Fix: error handling when sending multiple emails (or multiple recipients)

Version 2.5.2(03.06.05)

  • Fix: send button enabled in schedule dialog
  • Fix: correct handling of empty emails
  • Fix: incorrect message id header format

Version 2.5.1(05.05.05)

  • Fix: sorting of emails in list

Version 2.5.0(02.05.05)

  • New: emails can be edited in raw mode
  • New: attachment indicator
  • New: internal handling of emails changed

Version 2.4.3(24.02.05)

  • New: easier license activation

Version 2.4.2(23.01.05)

  • Fix: program hanging with certain incorrectly formatted email headers
  • Fix: crash when closing the program under Windows 9x

Version 2.4.1(26.12.04)

  • Fix: bug that could cause a crash with incorrectly formatted email headers

Version 2.4.0(19.12.04)

  • Fix: bug when sending emails to multiple recipients

Version 2.3.2(10.12.04)

  • Fix: incorrect number of emails reported by tray icon under some conditions

Version 2.3.1(22.10.04)

  • Fix: "Go to:" after sending or deleting emails now only is done if the respective folder is selected

Version 2.3.0(22.10.04)

  • New: optional URL detection (clickable hyperlinks) in preview window

Version 2.2.0(15.10.04)

  • New: separate "Only accept connections from" for POP3 and SMTP
  • New: go to folder after sending all items from "Outbox"
  • New: option for continuing to check next rules when a rule applies
  • New: option for notifying only once when many new emails arrive
  • New: option for not notifying if emails are deleted
  • Fix: problem with Eudora and sending emails to CheckMail

Version 2.1.0(25.08.04)

  • Fix: improved speed of deleting emails

Version 2.0.1(05.08.04)

  • New: go to folder after deleting all items from "Deleted"
  • Fix: no status message when mouse over status bar

Version 2.0.0(08.07.04)

  • New: server mode! CheckMail can now act as a local POP3 and SMTP server
  • New: multi-threaded operation (checking, sending, deleting, etc. of emails can now be done simultaneously)
  • New: improved filter flexibility for the rules

Version 1.6.0(09.06.04)

  • New: setup system with data path configuration

Version 1.5.1(21.05.04)

  • Fix: problem with maximized main window

Version 1.5.1(27.03.04)

  • New: option for choosing the POP3 port
  • New: Configuration is stored in files instead of registry
  • New: can now install the product for the current user or all users and it can optionally create a shortcut on the Desktop
  • Fix: problems with "Always on top"

Version 1.4.5

  • Fix: resource issues

Version 1.4.4

  • Fix: 100% CPU load while checking for emails on some systems

Version 1.4.3

  • Fix: window frame redraw issues

Version 1.4.2

  • Fix: restart issues
  • Fix: list view problems on some systems

Version 1.4

  • New: Better decoding of subject, sender, etc.
  • New: improved compatibility to different character sets and encoding types
  • New: user interface in XP style (can be customized, disabled, etc.)
  • Fix: minor fixes and changes

Version 1.3

  • New: new license system - please see the FAQ for info about updating your license!
  • New: better email preview: now displays encoded parts and HTML
  • New: word wrap in preview
  • New: accounts, rules, schedules can be enabled/disabled
  • Fix: minor fixes and changes

Version 1.2

  • New: Scheduled checks can be switched on/off with a button
  • New: schedule option: check at program start
  • New: list view items are customizable
  • Fix: problem with duplicate emails
  • Fix: minor fixes and changes

Version 1.1

  • New: "Show only New" will only display unread emails
  • New: notifications can be switched on/off with a button
  • Fix: improved compatibility with POP3 servers
  • Fix: minor fixes and changes

Version 1.0

  • First public release of CheckMail