Frequently Asked Questions

How can I lower the fertilizer and water once they're up too high?

You can press 'Ctrl' while clicking the water or fertilizert button to lower the levels.

Is it possible to rotate the plant, either slowly or in a special spin mode? Is there an option to turn the plant so you can select the best view?

DesktopPlant is a real 3D model, so it is theoretically possible to rotate the plant. User defined rotation may be implemented in the future.

Will future versions of DesktopPlant include a plant editor for users to "make" their own species of plants and/or flowers?

At the moment we are not planning to release our DesktopPlant editor, as the program is very complex and we don't have the time to write a manual at the moment.

I just downloaded the demo of the desktop plant. It sounds great but all I see is a box which says: 'Drawing plant', but nothing else seems to happen?

The reason for this problem could be that you are running background tasks that consume a lot of processor time (you can check this with the System Monitor). If 'Processor Usage' is above 50%, DesktopPlant is set to an inactive state and therefore doesn't display the plant. If you encounter this effect, please switch off the option "Use idle CPU time".