Cloud Data

The cloud data of EarthTime is generated from high resolution satellite images of several major geostationary weather satellites. The single images are carefully combined to a global composite, which is then made available for download from our servers. This produces very realistic results, which even make it possible to see local weather situations. The cloud data is updated every hour and can be downloaded up to 8 times a day (every 3 hours).

Free Cloud Data Download

The demo version of EarthTime is limited to the demo clouds that come with EarthTime. If you purchase a license of EarthTime (the full version), you can download current cloud data free of charge. The free download is limited to low resolution and the data is only updated once a day. If you'd like to have several updates per day and higher resolution of the cloud data, please purchase a cloud data download license. For examples of the different resolutions, please see the clouds information of EarthView.

Cloud Data Download

Due to the high data transfer costs and other resources needed, a small download fee is required for downloading the high resolution cloud data. We are keeping this as inexpensive as possible so that just our expenses (bandwidth, server operation and maintenance, quality surveillance, etc.) will be covered. When you order a download license, you'll get a user name and password for the cloud data download which you can enter in the respective fields in the options of EarthTime. You'll then be able to select the download interval (minimum 3 hours). The cloud data can be purchased as a subscription, which automatically renews every month, or as a one month download license which expires after one month. Please visit the Purchase page for details.


The cloud data download is valid for EarthView and EarthTime, so if you own both, you can use one download license for both programs!


1) Downloading cloud data from the internet is only possible with the full version of EarthTime. The demo is restricted to the random clouds mode.

2) We can not guarantee that the online data for the clouds will always be available and current! The cloud data is provided by third party institutions and we have no influence on their course of action. We will do everything possible to insure up-to-date, high quality cloud data, but there can be delays or server downtimes that can cause the cloud data not to be current for some time. Such problems are very rare and they are usually fixed within a few hours.

3) Administrative information about the cloud data download can be found in the Cloud Data Download Order Conditions. Please make sure to read this text carefully!

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