Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about how to use FastFolders?

All information about how to use FastFolders can be found in the documentation, which is accessible by pressing F1 when the main dialog is active, or selecting the item "FastFolders Manual" in the FastFolders program group or by clicking the "Help" button on any program dialog. It's strongly recommended to read this text, because it contains important information about the program!

How can I change the FastFolders program options?

Please left-click the FastFolders item of the context menu of any object. This will display the FastFolders options dialog, where you can adjust various program preferences.

How can I enable the total size display in explorer windows?

To activate the "Details" view column "Total Size", right-click the column header of an explorer window (which must be in "Details" view) and switch on the check mark of the item "Total Size". If this item is not included in the menu, you can find it in the full list of available items which is displayed when you select "More..." from the menu. This feature is only supported by Windows 2000, XP and 2003!