Version History

Version 5.14.1(05.05.24)

  • New: improved configuration archiving (some tokens and environment variables can be used in path and filename)
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.14.0(24.03.23)

  • New: option for excluding items from browsing (e.g. zip files)
  • New: parent level included in favorites and recent, etc.
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.13.0(09.03.22)

  • New: option for setting maximum number of characters of menu items
  • New: including "Parent" item now optional
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.12.0(29.12.21)

  • New: Windows 11 compatibility
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.11.0(11.07.20)

  • New: option to disable FastFolders for right button Drag & Drop
  • New: option to disable FastFolders for desktop background
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.10.6(09.05.20)

  • Fix: crash for large directories
  • Fix: font size sometimes incorrect

Version 5.10.5(04.01.20)

  • Fix: rare issue with internal uncompression routine

Version 5.10.4(29.12.19)

  • New: FastFolders menu included in context menu of Desktop background
  • New: improved setup and uninstall programs
  • New: updated end user license agreement in setup
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.10.3(21.12.19)

  • Fix: saving options and configuration sometimes failed
  • Fix: improved format of setup program
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.10.2(13.12.19)

  • Fix: new compilation for avoiding false virus detections

Version 5.10.1(06.12.19)

  • Fix: DPI scaling issues for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.10.0(18.11.19)

  • New: creation of start menu shortcuts now optional in setup
  • New: setup dynamically adjusts to DPI changes
  • New: program interface and dialogs dynamically adjust to DPI changes
  • New: FastFolders menus adjust to mixed DPI desktops
  • New: font selection for FastFolders menus
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 5.9.0(06.05.19)

  • New: removed Windows XP support (please download v5.8.2 if you want to use the program under Windows XP)
  • New: Visual Studio 2019 recompilation for better compatibility to new systems
  • New: adjustments for the latest updates of Windows 10

Version 5.8.2(23.04.19)

  • Fix: small cosmetical changes to some dialogs

Version 5.8.1(13.03.19)

  • Fix: dialog and menu positions when screen configuration changes
  • Fix: small fixes regarding user account access (data folder, etc.)
  • Fix: adjustments for the latest updates of Windows 10

Version 5.8.0(03.03.19)

  • New: improved unattended setup
  • Fix: various small fixes and improvements

Version 5.7.1(15.08.18)

  • Fix: issue with automatic archive function not backing up all files
  • Fix: small issue with update check

Version 5.7.0(11.08.18)

  • New: automatic archiving of configuration
  • New: improved "About" and "Update" dialogs
  • Fix: various small bug fixes, changes and improvements

Version 5.6.0(22.07.18)

  • New: more detailed license information in "About" dialog
  • New: updated license agreement and terms of use
  • Fix: various small internal changes and improvements

Version 5.5.1(20.05.18)

  • New: option to use command line parameters for alternative file manager and default program

Version 5.5.0(08.03.18)

  • New: possibility to install and uninstall the program silently for mass deployment. See the manual for details.

Version 5.4.2(12.09.17)

  • Fix: clearing the alternative file manager string in the options now works
  • Fix: opening locations that have spaces in the path name with alternate file managers

Version 5.4.1(18.07.17)

  • Fix: improved compatibility with Windows Vista and XP

Version 5.4.0(08.05.17)

  • New: Visual Studio 2017 recompilation
  • New: registration name can be displayed in non-ANSI characters in "About" dialog

Version 5.3.5(18.01.17)

  • Fix: empty main context menu (graphics error) when quickly selecting the FF menu item under WIndows 10

Version 5.3.4(10.12.16)

  • Fix: setup problems for user names starting with 'n' or 'r'
  • Fix: default configuration path in user profile when selecting custom data location

Version 5.3.3(02.06.16)

  • Fix: setup warns if data location is selected on drives without write permission

Version 5.3.2(20.09.15)

  • New: digitally signed setup program and main program
  • New: improved setup program

Version 5.3.1(18.08.15)

  • New: Visual Studio 2015 recompilation
  • Fix: post-setup copy operations for unattended setup improved (see manual for details)

Version 5.3.0(18.07.15)

  • New: Windows 10 compatibility

Version 5.2.1(15.04.15)

  • Fix: menut item sizes with high DPI settings under Windows XP
  • Fix: uninstaller not removing desktop shortcut

Version 5.2.0(13.04.13)

  • New: main program for accessing options
  • New: backup / restore / reset configuration in "About" dialog
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.1.0(04.03.13)

  • New: maximum submenu open area increased to 1024 pixels
  • New: improved dialog for selecting favoties
  • Fix: restructured library for better performance and compatibility
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.0.0(06.02.13)

  • New: display file and folder sizes in FastFolders menus (integrated FolderSize into FastFolders)
  • New: quick toggling of size display with 'S' key and middle mouse button
  • New: customization of menu colors
  • Fix: crash when sorting directories with large number of items
  • Fix: improved sorting speed of large item lists

Version 4.5.0(23.01.13)

  • New: Windows 8 support

Version 4.4.4(02.02.12)

  • New: improved license check in update dialog

Version 4.4.3(14.10.11)

  • New: improved unattended setup with init of user configuration

Version 4.4.2(11.10.10)

  • New: automatic update check
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.4.1(11.09.10)

  • New: license file extension changed from "dlc" to "DeskSoftLicense" to avoid incompatibilities with other programs

Version 4.4.0(14.07.10)

  • Fix: display problems with high dpi screen settings

Version 4.3.2(22.06.10)

  • Fix: saving current settings and options when shutting down the computer
  • Fix: removed Windows 2000 from the compatibility list

Version 4.3.1(07.04.10)

  • New: setup distribution in exe file format

Version 4.3.0(18.08.09)

  • New: support for open and save file dialogs
  • New: options to select default file explorer (so that folders are opened in a different program than Windows explorer)
  • New: full Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) compatibility
  • Fix: better integration in 32 bit programs under 64 bit operating systems
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.4(01.08.09)

  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.3(24.06.09)

  • Fix: uninstall not working under certain configurations

Version 4.2.2(22.06.09)

  • New: updated setup routine. Added warning when an antivirus software, firewall, etc. blocks setup.
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.2.1(09.06.09)

  • Fix: FastFolders menu items sometimes not drawn correctly
  • Fix: submenu popup area indicator in right button drag & drop FastFolders items

Version 4.2.0(07.06.09)

  • New: option for submenu popup area on right side of menu items. Submenus only open if the mouse is in that area.

Version 4.1.8(02.06.09)

  • Fix: problem with setup when not choosing default data path

Version 4.1.7(28.04.09)

  • New: improved setup routine

Version 4.1.6(26.03.09)

  • Fix: "Open" and "Run as Administrator" verbs in context menu sometimes didn't work

Version 4.1.5(21.03.09)

  • Fix: improved Windows 7 compatibility
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.4(14.03.09)

  • New: updated setup routine
  • Fix: incomplete uninstall information
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.3(22.02.09)

  • New: changes to setup routine
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.2(12.12.08)

  • Fix: changes in the setup routine
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.1.1(20.08.08)

  • Fix: fixed setup problems for user accounts with special characters
  • Fix: fixed problems with license activation on certain configurations

Version 4.1.0(01.07.08)

  • New: user definable favorite items in the FastFolders menu
  • New: speed improvements
  • Fix: incorrect file number and sizes in the tool tips under Vista
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.0.1(24.06.08)

  • Fix: the recent items list now contain only folders for drag and drop operations
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 4.0.0(18.03.08)

  • New: full 64 bit support
  • New: improved Vista compatibility
  • New: manual in Windows help format
  • New: several improvements and bug fixes
  • New: the new version does not support Windows 95, 98, ME and NT4 anymore! Please download version 3 of FastFolders if you need support for the old operating systems.

Version 3.5.1(23.10.07)

  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes of the main program and the setup program

Version 3.5.0(15.10.07)

  • New: the "About" dialog contains links to open the program folder and the data folder. Useful for backing up the configuration, moving the program to another computer, etc.
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.4.2(14.08.07)

  • Fix: "Copy To Folder" not working correctly (moving instead of copying)

Version 3.4.1(16.07.07)

  • Fix: folder of "Move To Parent" not added to recently used items anymore

Version 3.4.0(12.07.07)

  • New: "Move To Parent" in context menu of right mouse button drag & drop
  • New: "Delete empty folder" after right mouse button drag & drop
  • New: adjustable menu item height of FastFolders menus
  • Fix: improved Vista compatibility
  • Fix: various small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.3.8(31.01.07)

  • Fix: Vista compatible setup icons

Version 3.3.7(21.01.07)

  • Fix: fixed a bug causing explorer to crash under Vista when displaying tooltips in FastFolders

Version 3.3.6(08.11.06)

  • Fix: fixed a bug in the setup routine for unattended setup

Version 3.3.5(06.10.06)

  • Fix: Vista compatibility

Version 3.3.4(22.06.06)

  • New: some changes of the setup program

Version 3.3.3(26.05.06)

  • New: some important internal changes regarding stability and security

Version 3.3.2(28.04.06)

  • Fix: some minor issues with the license validation

Version 3.3.1(22.02.06)

  • Fix: important fix of a bug in the setup routine - please download and install this update to avoid possible problems!

Version 3.3.0(05.02.06)

  • New: SmartStatus 98 is obsolete and was removed
  • Fix: "Total Size" explorer column now sorted correctly
  • Fix: improved compatibility to multi-user environments

Version 3.2.4(03.01.06)

  • Fix: internal changes to the setup routine

Version 3.2.3(24.02.05)

  • New: easier license activation

Version 3.2.2(08.10.04)

  • Fix: Incorrect file sizes in tool tips of files larger than 4 GB

Version 3.2.1(06.09.04)

  • Fix: "Show hidden files and folders" setting imported from Explorer

Version 3.2.0(09.06.04)

  • New: setup system with data path configuration

Version 3.1.0(27.03.04)

  • New: configuration is stored in files instead of registry
  • New: setup can now install the product for the current user or all users and it can optionally create a shortcut on the Desktop

Version 3.0

  • New: great new feature: "Total Size" column in "Details" view of Explorer windows!
  • Fix: problems with Windows XP Start Menu program groups.

Version 2.66

  • New: new license system
  • New: improved compatibility
  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 2.65

  • New: Windows XP: pressing "CTRL" when clicking a FastFolders item keeps the FastFolders menu open
  • New: Windows XP: pressing "SHIFT" when clicking a FastFolders item will open it in an explorer instead of a normal window
  • New: pressing "C" on an item will copy a list of contents of this item to the clipboard (like a directory listing). "SHIFT+C" includes file size information.
  • New: improved compatibility
  • Fix: randomly closing menus when opening the context menu of an item
  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 2.62

  • Fix: crashes with MS Office Shortcut Bar and other incompatible products
  • Fix: destination folder now opens correctly when pressing CTRL with a Drag & Drop operation

Version 2.61

  • Fix: problem with options and demo dialog with third party products

Version 2.6

  • New: position of FastFolders menu item can be top, bottom or near mouse
  • New: cut and copy from context menu work now
  • New: tool tips show file size, directory size and size of whole tree structure
  • New: directories in recent item list include parent level
  • New: pressing CTRL while selecting an item opens parent folder
  • New: option "Show hidden objects" is imported from Windows settings

Version 2.52

  • New: changed registration system
  • Fix: random crashes of Explorer

Version 2.51

  • Fix: problem with shortcut "Windows+E"
  • Fix: random crashes with Move To / Copy To

Version 2.5

  • New: recent items
  • New: holding CTRL while moving or copying an item to a folder opens the destination folder
  • Fix: Windows ME compatibility
  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 2.42

  • Fix: Windows 2000 compatibility

Version 2.41

  • Fix: bug that caused FastFolders to crash Explorer when context menu closed

Version 2.4

  • New: right-button Drag & Drop: If you drag and drop an object on a folder or drive using the right mouse button, you can copy or move the object(s) to any folder of your computer by selecting it from the FastFolders menu
  • New: safe mode for SmartStatus added to prevent Explorer crashes at Windows startup
  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 2.3

  • New: large directories can be split up in separate columns
  • New: dynamic tool tips show information about each item
  • New: customizable starting point for FastFolders menu of Start Button
  • New: improved speed and memory usage
  • Fix: system hangs caused by SmartStatus at startup fixed
  • Fix: various minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2

  • New: advanced file filtering options added. Support for user defined file extensions and objects to exclude from FastFolders menus
  • Fix: menu highlight no longer gets stuck in context menus of slow devices while the device is accessed
  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 2.1

  • New: support for default file viewer / editor added
  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 2.04

  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 2.0

  • New: all shell objects can be browsed now (including "My Computer", "Control Panel", etc.)
  • New: full network support
  • New: right-clicking the "Start" button shows contents of the Desktop
  • New: right-clicking any FastFolders menu item shows its context menu
  • New: speed optimizations and multithreading
  • Fix: minor bug fixes

Version 1.0

  • First public release of FastFolders