Old Versions

Download Old Versions

Below you can find old versions of our products, which you can use if you don't want to upgrade to the latest major version. Some setup programs are compressed (ZIP format) to allow shorter download times. To uncompress them after the download is complete, please use an uncompression utility that supports the ZIP file format (compatible utilities are available from all major shareware sites).


BWMeter v1.8.2  (298 KB)

BWMeter v2.6.4  (451 KB)

BWMeter v3.4.0  (520 KB)

BWMeter v4.3.6  (881 KB)

BWMeter v5.4.1  (727 KB)

BWMeter v6.11.3  (982 KB)

BWMeter v7.7.2  (1,1 MB)

BWMeter v8.4.9  (1,6 MB)


CheckMail v1.6.0  (197 KB)

CheckMail v2.6.1  (314 KB)

CheckMail v3.2.0  (360 KB)

CheckMail v4.2.4  (668 KB)

CheckMail v5.19.2  (773 KB)


DesktopPlant v1.8.2  (582 KB)

DesktopPlant v2.3.13  (337 KB)

DesktopPlant v3.6.2  (843 KB)


EarthTime v1.8.1  (554 KB)

EarthTime v2.3.5  (564 KB)

EarthTime v3.4.4  (2.8 MB)

EarthTime v4.6.0  (3.6 MB)

EarthTime v5.20.0  (4.0 MB)

EarthTime v5.21.3  (4.0 MB)


EarthView v1.2.3  (2.5 MB)

EarthView v2.5.2  (5.5 MB)

EarthView v3.8.5  (3.1 MB)

EarthView v3.16.4  (4.4 MB)

EarthView v4.6.0  (18 MB)

EarthView v5.20.1  (18 MB)

EarthView v5.21.3  (18 MB)

EarthView v6.7.17  (21 MB)


FastFolders v2.6.6  (137 KB)

FastFolders v3.5.1  (282 KB)

FastFolders v4.5.0  (384 KB)

FastFolders v5.8.2  (793 KB)

HardCopy Pro

HardCopy Pro v2.8.3  (318 KB)

HardCopy Pro v3.3.6  (313 KB)

HardCopy Pro v4.11.2  (984 KB)


ScrollNavigator v2.3.0  (331 KB)

ScrollNavigator v3.5.4  (326 KB)

ScrollNavigator v4.2.0  (555 KB)

ScrollNavigator v5.11.2  (759 KB)


SmartCapture v1.9.2  (439 KB)

SmartCapture v3.13.2  (1,1 MB)


WindowManager v1.9.1  (307 KB)

WindowManager v2.0.3  (311 KB)

WindowManager v3.7.2  (719 KB)

WindowManager v4.7.2  (742 KB)

WindowManager v5.3.3  (747 KB)

WindowManager v6.6.2  (737 KB)

WindowManager v6.7.1  (723 KB)

WindowManager v7.8.1  (1.2 MB)

WindowManager v8.2.0  (1.2 MB)

WindowManager v9.0.2  (1.2 MB)