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Window scrolling helper




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ScrollNavigator v5.15.2

Please click on the following link to download ScrollNavigator:

(Download size: 1.3 MB)

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Our product TypeButler also supports scroll navigation and wheel acceleration. It takes a different approach to implement it, which does improve compatibility for some programs. Please test both ScrollNavigator and TypeButler to see which product suits your needs best.


Due to the complexity and compression algorithms used in our setup programs, some virus scanners can sometimes incorrectly detect malware or viruses in our programs. In that case, they usually report some "Generic" or "Heuristic" detection, which actually means they have no idea what they are doing. If you download the programs directly from our website, they are 100% safe and virus free! If your virus scanner, firewall, etc. blocks the download, please simply create an exception for our program (see the manual of the security program for details), disable the virus scanner temporarily or use a better virus scanner.

Program Information

This download is a fully functional demo version of the program with all the features of the full version. The demo will expire at the end of the evaluation period, after which you must purchase a license or discontinue the use of the program. If you purchase a license, a license file will be sent to you, which turns the demo into the full version, which has no time limit. We recommend purchasing the license at least a few days before the demo expires, so that you can enjoy our product without any interruptions.

Older Versions

If you need an older version of the product, you can download it from here.

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