Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about how to use SmartCapture?

All information about how to use SmartCapture can be found in the online help, which is accessible by pressing "F1", by selecting the menu item "Help -> Help Topics" or by selecting the item "SmartCapture Manual" in the SmartCapture program group or by clicking the "Help" button on any program dialog.

The main dialog of SmartCapture does not disappear when I click "New" How can this be fixed?

You are probably using the Windows option to animate (fade out) windows when they are closed or minimized. That’s why the system is not fast enough to hide them before SmartCapture starts the capture. The easiest way to prevent that is by starting the capture with the Hot-Key. Simply close the SmartCapture dialog and press the Hot-Key whenever you want to capture anything. Alternatively, if you want to use the “New” button, simply set a capture delay (e.g. 500 ms) in the general options of SmartCapture. Another way to solve this issue is to switch off the window animation effects (in the advanced visual effects options of the operating system).

I don't know how to automatically save or print the image directly after capturing (the "Default Action" feature of HardCopy Pro seems to be missing in SmartCapture).

SmartCapture organizes all capture-related options in profiles. Please create a new profile that automatically saves or prints your captured image. You can create a profile by selecting "New Profile" from the menu. Further information about profiles and practical examples can be found in the online help of the program.

Immediately after assigning a Device Event to SmartCapture, I just get an error message when I press the assigned push button on my scanner.

If Device Events don't work directly after assigning them to SmartCapture, please open "Cameras and Scanners" in the Windows Control Panel and confirm the assignment of each Device Event to SmartCapture. Alternatively, you can also reboot your system to confirm the changes.

My scanner ignores the values for DPI, color mode or size I've set in the SmartCapture scanning options!

The Twain drivers of some scanners and other imaging devices do not support the automatic preselection of these parameters. Please try to use the standard Twain dialog for setting these parameters.

When I try to capture an image, the whole screen goes black and I can't capture anything!

Some security programs (like e.g. Webroot) actively block screen captures to protect the user from malicious software. Please try temporarily disabling your security program and try again to see if this fixes the problem. In e.g. Webroot, you can disable the "Identity Shield" (in the "Identity Protection" options) and the screen captures will work again. Some programs also allow unblocking specific programs, so you can add the screen capture program to the list of allowed programs.