Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use WindowManager?

Simply install and start WindowManager and use the main dialog to configure it. All information about how to use WindowManager is included in the manual, which can be opened by selecting the item "WindowManager Manual" in the WindowManager program group or by clicking the "Help" button on any program dialog.

Does WindowManager support "snapped" windows?

In Windows 10 and 11, you can "snap" windows to the side, top or bottom of the desktop. Unfortunately, the operating system does not report snapped windows to 3rd party applications correctly and therefore, WindowManager can not support snapped windows. We hope that Microsoft finally decides to support snapping properly so that 3rd party applications can use it, but until then, you can only "simulate" snapped windows by manually entering the position and size in the window rule so that they match a snapped window as closely as possible.

I'm trying to move a program window, but the rule does not seem to work. What can I do?

If a rule doesn't seem to work correctly (or not at all), please check if WindowManager detects the window you want the rule to handle. You can open the "List..." dialog to see all events picked up by WindowManager and which rules it executes. If the rule is not executed when the respective window is opened, please check the matching parameters of the rule. Maybe the window uses a dynamic class or a window tittle that always changes. In this case, you can adjust the matching parameters to make the rule catch the window all the time (e.g. by using "Contains" or "Ignore" for the title or class). If the rule is executed, but the window still does not respond to it, you can try using a little time delay. Also, try running WindowManager as an administrator (by enabling the respective option), because it can only handle windows that run at equal or less UAC elevation level. If that doesn't help, maybe the program does not react to size and move commands correctly or it is running as a Windows service. In this case, WindowManager unfortunately can not handle the program.

The "Save Workspace" function was discontinued in Excel. Can WindowManager help?

Yes, WindowManager can be configured to open each Excel sheet at its own position and size. You can also reposition all open sheets by pressing a hot-key. So WindowManager can be used for the "Save Workspace" function which was discontinued in Excel and which is missed by many people.