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Window position and size manager




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Version History

Version 10.13.2(13.11.23)

  • New: increased maximum rule name length to accomodate complete paths
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.13.1(28.10.23)

  • New: brought back buttons for editing and deleting selected rule (by popular demand)
  • New: pressing "Del" on the keyboard deletes a rule
  • New: hot-key for toggling always on top of active window
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.13.0(11.10.23)

  • New: right-click context menu for rules and groups
  • New: right-click context menu for "+" of groups for expanding or collapsing all groups of the current level
  • New: "Cut" rules and folders in addition to "Copy" and "Paste"
  • New: copying folder to clipboard also copies all group contents
  • New: orting rules alphabetically
  • New: import and export of rules and groups (for transferring rules between installations)
  • New: option to strip surrounding quotation marks for parameters of advanced command RUN (allowing e.g. rundll.exe to be called with various parameters)
  • New: profile triggers for opening or closing laptop lid
  • Fix: rules list scrolls up and down when dragging a rule to a new position near top and bottom of the list
  • Fix: collapsed groups expand when hovering over them with a dragged item
  • Fix: updating desktop icon positions on update even if no windows have changed
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.12.0(30.08.23)

  • New: virtual desktop support for new Windows version
  • New: rule matching option to exclude sizeable windows
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.11.0(29.07.23)

  • New: improved advanced command CLICK
  • New: advanced command DRAG for resizing draggable user interface items
  • New: option to exclude a rule from value updates
  • Fix: improved logging
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.10.1(03.07.23)

  • New: matching windows on specified vitual desktops instead of current only
  • Fix: pick functions when main mouse button is swapped (right instead of left)
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.10.0(31.05.23)

  • New: rules can set transparency and click-through of windows
  • New: hot-keys for handling transparency and click-through of active window
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.9.2(14.05.23)

  • New: option to center windows relative to screen or to owner
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.9.1(08.05.23)

  • New: matching option "Ignore if window is not a main window" will be initialized automatically according to the target window when a new rule is created
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.9.0(04.05.23)

  • New: default option to match main windows only
  • New: profiles sorted alphabetically by default
  • Fix: profiles not deleted from profile dialog
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.8.0(09.04.23)

  • New: list dialog option to include / exclude windows with empty titles in log
  • Fix: ignoring emtpy titles in "Save All" profile
  • Fix: auto-start under different parallel users
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.7.0(24.03.23)

  • New: toggle hot-key for pinning windows to all virtual desktops
  • New: mode selection for ignoring minimum and maximum size ("or" or "and")
  • Fix: ignoring windows based on size now also checks minimized or maximized
  • Fix: command line parameter "WORKDIR" for silent installation
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.6.1(07.03.23)

  • Fix: uninstall not working

Version 10.6.0(06.03.23)

  • New: logging events to file (in "List..." dialog)
  • New: empty display selection for profile DPI restriction defaults to main screen
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.5.5(18.02.23)

  • New: initialization of empty fields in auto-created rules
  • Fix: using "Set" with empty values caused windows to disappear
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.5.4(09.01.23)

  • New: rule option to assign a rule only once without rechecking the matching parameters on window changes
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.5.3(08.12.22)

  • New: TYPE parameter to disable toggling of CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.5.2(23.10.22)

  • Fix: desktop icon positions saving and restoring when monitors are switched on / off under Windows 11
  • Fix: locking maximized windows on multiple displays
  • Fix: window selection in advanced commands
  • Fix: TYPE command with Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock on
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.5.1(23.10.22)

  • Fix: advanced command "CONTROL" only finding exact matches, not searching for "contains"
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.5.0(19.10.22)

  • New: option to ignore first x matches of a rule
  • New: option to retry actions for a given time (if a window does not respond to changes immediately)
  • New: advanced command BLINK as visual indicator
  • New: moved action delay parameter to action tab of rule options
  • New: stricter handling of restricting profiles to screen configurations
  • Fix: improved handling of screen configuration changes
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.4.0(26.09.22)

  • Fix: Virtual Desktop support for Windows 11 Update 22H2
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.3.0(21.09.22)

  • New: pressing Ctrl when selecting a profile from the profile list prevents execution of the profile rules
  • New: quitting WindowManager no longer switches back to Virtual Desktop number 1
  • New: timeout for waiting for virtual desktop service
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.2.4(02.09.22)

  • Fix: maintenance update with small fixes and changes

Version 10.2.3(13.08.22)

  • Fix: passing arguments with " to advanced command RUN

Version 10.2.2(22.07.22)

  • Fix: option "Enabled" not remembered from options dialog

Version 10.2.1(22.07.22)

  • Fix: problem with multiple windows and x,y offset 0 fixed

Version 10.2.0(21.07.22)

  • New: option to cascade (offset) multiple windows handled by a rule
  • New: pick buttons for window title, class and program in the matching options of rules
  • New: option to keep aspect ratio of windows when resizing
  • New: rule option "Handle first matching window only" now expanded to "n" windows
  • New: advanced command "RUN" now supports additional conditions (checks if window title, window class already is open)
  • Fix: empty position and size fields in rules not remembered
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.1.2(01.07.22)

  • Fix: ignoring empty separators for "and" and "or" in rule matching

Version 10.1.1(16.03.22)

  • Fix: moving windows to virtual desktops on systems with more than 9 virtual desktops

Version 10.1.0(12.03.22)

  • New: advanced command "STATE" has new parameters to minimize a window to the tray or restore it from the tray
  • Fix: "Keep" option not propagated correctly from templates
  • Fix: moving items in the template list didn't work
  • Fix: various small changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 10.0.5(05.03.22)

  • Fix: occasional crashes when using "Pick!" button

Version 10.0.4(01.03.22)

  • Fix: problem with comparing window title, class or program in new (or reset) configurations

Version 10.0.3(01.03.22)

  • Fix: corrections to template initialization

Version 10.0.2(28.02.22)

  • Fix: template values for position and size not taken over by new rules
  • Fix: default templates not created for new profiles
  • Fix: crash when switching between "Create Rule" and "Ignore" in rule templates

Version 10.0.1(24.02.22)

  • Fix: profile names in tray icon menu

Version 10.0.0(22.02.22)

  • New: optional automatic rule creation for new windows
  • New: flexible rule creation templates
  • New: better profile management
  • New: better "and" and "or" handling in window matching parameters
  • New: triggers for switching primary monitor on / off
  • New: triggers for screen saver on / off
  • New: reduced latency for window change detection
  • New: reduced CPU load
  • Fix: various changes, improvements and bug fixes

Version 9.0.2(23.10.21)

  • New: further speed optimizations
  • Fix: long time delay before moving certain windows

Version 9.0.1(22.10.21)

  • New: command line parameters to disable / enable the program
  • New: additional parameter for advanced commands "KEY" and "TYPE" to not set focus on target window

Version 9.0.0(20.10.21)

  • New: new and improved method of detecting window changes
  • New: reduced idle CPU load
  • New: faster window handling
  • New: improved hot-key selection dialog (you can type into the list directly to select a key combination)
  • New: improved manual and automatic saving and restoring desktop icon positions
  • New: virtual desktop functions support for Windows 11
  • New: option to disable whole program instead of single profiles
  • Fix: advanced command "RUN" starts programs from current user account
  • Fix: various improvements and bug fixes

Version 8.2.0(27.08.21)

  • New: improved execution of advanced scripts (more reliable type, key, click, etc. commands)
  • Fix: various improvements and bug fixes

Version 8.1.3(06.08.21)

  • Fix: button position problem when resizing the main dialog

Version 8.1.2(05.08.21)

  • New: cursor "Up" and "Down" to increment or decrement values in the position and size edit fields in the rule actions. Keys "G" and "S" get and set the current values.
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 8.1.1(18.06.21)

  • Fix: option "Run as administrator" off by default to prevent problems for standard users
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 8.1.0(14.06.21)

  • New: profile restriction to DPI of selected display
  • Fix: type command in advanced actions had problems with characters that needed ctrl or alt pressed
  • Fix: font size issue in smooth scrolling list boxes
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 8.0.0(07.05.21)

  • New: option to run as administrator
  • New: profile option to restore desktop icon positions
  • New: profile trigger includes screen DPI
  • New: improved window picker
  • New: single rules can be disabled within a profile (for testing rules, etc.)
  • New: advanced commands can be executed when window is activated or deactivated (in addition to other events)
  • New: improved event reporting in the "List..." dialog
  • New: different modes for updating profiles when certain events occur
  • New: restricting profiles to screen configurations
  • New: trigger on main screen DPI change
  • New: update profile before main screen resolution change
  • New: update profile before main screen DPI change
  • New: example profile "Save All" for saving and restoring all open windows when screen resolution changes (e.g. when Display Port monitors are attached or detached).
  • Fix: various improvements and bug fixes

Version 7.8.1(26.01.21)

  • Fix: issue with option for handling title changing windows
  • Fix: issue with creating rules for windows that changed title
  • Fix: ignore transparent windows (complete screen overlays of some programs)
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.8.0(23.01.21)

  • New: advanced commands can be executed when window is restored (in addition to other events)
  • Fix: advanced commands working on all windows if rule covers more than one window
  • Fix: ignore list not saved on restart
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.7.0(15.12.20)

  • New: profile trigger on input idle
  • New: matching parameter: ignore large windows
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.6.3(24.11.20)

  • Fix: problem with Modern UI apps
  • Fix: further reduction of system load

Version 7.6.2(20.11.20)

  • Fix: reduced system load

Version 7.6.1(08.11.20)

  • Fix: windows that are minimized to tray were treated as new windows when restored from tray
  • Fix: windows that are minimized to tray were restored when executing a profile

Version 7.6.0(7.10.20)

  • New: profile triggers only apply if screen mode matches (if screen trigger is enabled)
  • New: new advanced command: set title text of selected window
  • Fix: switching virtual desktops when rule sets window to "on top" or "at bottom"

Version 7.5.6(29.09.20)

  • Fix: empty entry in ignore list causing WindowManager to stop working
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.5.5(21.09.20)

  • Fix: virtual screen trigger not working when options for individual icons not selected
  • Fix: restoring positions for individual icons on virtual desktops doesn't work for some icons

Version 7.5.4(28.08.20)

  • Fix: auto start with Windows not working on some systems

Version 7.5.3(26.08.20)

  • New: internal optimizations
  • Fix: recompilation with latest compiler version

Version 7.5.2(13.07.20)

  • New: option for enabling profile when it is loaded
  • Fix: virtual desktop selection not remembered if window is open

Version 7.5.1(17.06.20)

  • New: hot-key for enabling / disabling the active profile
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.5.0(24.05.20)

  • New: advanced commands for profiles
  • New: improved advanced command RUN (can check if program is already running)
  • New: improved advanced command WAIT (can wait a random time)
  • New: new advanced command STOP for closing programs
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.4.3(13.04.20)

  • New: option for default mode for rule actions (this or last position, size, state)
  • New: move to virtual desktop automatically enabled for new rules if more than 1 virtual desktop exists
  • Fix: prevent triggering disabled profiles

Version 7.4.2(03.03.20)

  • New: option for temporarily restoring minimized / maximized windows that don't respond to move or resize
  • Fix: improved compatibility of right-clicking minimize button for minimizing windows to the tray area

Version 7.4.1(15.02.20)

  • Fix: issue with applying profiles for existing windows with changed titles
  • Fix: issue with new tabs in internet browsers

Version 7.4.0(14.02.20)

  • New: improvements for handling state changing without positioning or resizing
  • New: improvements for handling caption changers
  • New: real-time update of bold item text for currently open windows in main tree view
  • Fix: issue with saving options when system shuts down

Version 7.3.11(22.01.20)

  • Fix: issue when programs change the display resolution

Version 7.3.10(20.01.20)

  • Fix: small issue when copying a rule
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.3.9(10.01.20)

  • New: advanced commands: attaching to thread input queue now optional as a command

Version 7.3.8(04.01.20)

  • Fix: centering windows from "Edit" dialog in the "List..." dialog
  • Fix: rare issue with internal uncompression routine

Version 7.3.7(29.12.19)

  • New: improved setup and uninstall programs
  • New: updated end user license agreement in setup
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.3.6(21.12.19)

  • Fix: saving options and configuration sometimes failed
  • Fix: improved format of setup program
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.3.5(15.12.19)

  • Fix: list header column sizes in "List..." dialog
  • Fix: list header column sizes remembered in key selection dialog

Version 7.3.4(13.12.19)

  • Fix: new compilation for avoiding false virus detections

Version 7.3.3(05.12.19)

  • Fix: order of rule events in list dialog now more intuitive (first window event, then the rule it triggered)
  • Fix: selection rectangle for pick actions
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.3.2(04.12.19)

  • Fix: improvements for handling caption changers
  • Fix: more reliable keyboard and type simulation in advanced commands

Version 7.3.1(02.12.19)

  • Fix: DPI scaling issues for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.3.0(01.12.19)

  • New: update button to update the rules tree
  • New: hot-keys can now also be selected from a list of all available keys
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.2.3(23.11.19)

  • Fix: DPI font selectiom for list dialog
  • Fix: ome DPI related dialog display issues

Version 7.2.2(20.11.19)

  • Fix: pasting a copied rule to a groups
  • Fix: cosmetical user interface improvements

Version 7.2.1(13.11.19)

  • Fix: improvements for windows spanning monitors with different DPI settings

Version 7.2.0(04.11.19)

  • New: added command line parameters for controlling basic functions
  • New: option to match windows on currently active virtual desktop only
  • New: option for update trigger to update currently active profile only
  • New: creation of start menu shortcuts now optional in setup
  • New: setup dynamically adjusts to DPI changes
  • New: program dialogs dynamically adjust to DPI changes
  • New: improved options saving format
  • Fix: better support for monitor configuration with mixed DPI settings
  • Fix: various small changes and fixes

Version 7.1.1(16.10.19)

  • Fix: saving profile options when switching profiles
  • Fix: random crashes with "Find" function
  • Fix: window and font sizes for displays with different DPI settings

Version 7.1.0(11.10.19)

  • New: individual advanced actions when windows are opened, closed, minimized, maximized or when a trigger event occurs
  • Fix: various small enhancements and bug fixes

Version 7.0.4(18.07.19)

  • Fix: issue with update triggers not working

Version 7.0.4(18.07.19)

  • Fix: issues with profile hot-key assignement

Version 7.0.3(16.07.19)

  • Fix: crash when editing a window item in the "Window List" dialog on Windows 8 and below

Version 7.0.2(09.07.19)

  • Fix: reduced CPU load for virtual desktop functions

Version 7.0.1(08.07.19)

  • Fix: small issue with error message for hot-keys for virtual desktops
  • Fix: issue with option "Handle first matching window only" and "-NOEXECUTE" command line parameter

Version 7.0.0(01.07.19)

  • New: it's now possible to handle multiple instances of same window separately
  • New: Windows 10 virtual desktop support + enhancements (hot-keys, individual desktop icons, etc.)
  • New: command line parameter to start WindowManager without executing the current profile
  • New: tray icon context menu
  • New: various enhancements and bug fixes

Version 6.7.1(23.05.19)

  • Fix: problem with screen trigger not recognized
  • Fix: issue when pressing ESC during drag & drop operations of tree items
  • Fix: various small changes

Version 6.7.0(06.05.19)

  • New: removed Windows XP support (please download v6.6.2 if you want to use the program under Windows XP)
  • New: Visual Studio 2019 recompilation for better compatibility to new systems
  • New: adjustments for the latest updates of Windows 10

Version 6.6.2(23.04.19)

  • Fix: small cosmetical changes to some dialogs

Version 6.6.1(13.03.19)

  • Fix: error message when saving changes to a rule
  • Fix: dialog and menu positions when screen configuration changes
  • Fix: small fixes regarding user account access (data folder, etc.)
  • Fix: adjustments for the latest updates of Windows 10

Version 6.6.0(03.03.19)

  • New: improved unattended setup
  • Fix: various small fixes and improvements

Version 6.5.5(25.02.19)

  • New: option to ignore non-resizable windows

Version 6.5.4(22.01.19)

  • Fix: issue with state changing not working without moving a window

Version 6.5.3(21.01.19)

  • Fix: issue with ignore list in main options

Version 6.5.2(10.12.18)

  • Fix: deleting a profile did not unregister its hot-keys

Version 6.5.1(02.12.18)

  • Fix: caption text sometimes incorrect in edit dialog
  • Fix: picking controls and child windows didn't work correctly

Version 6.5.0(18.11.18)

  • New: improved window handling for maximized and minimized windows
  • New: removed option to keep windows on screen (now permanently enabled)
  • Fix: window positions on desktop with non-standard taskbar positions (right side or top)
  • Fix: update check incorrectly reporting no new version available
  • Fix: some minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 6.4.0(08.11.18)

  • New: improved detection of window rectangle when creating rules for maximized or minimized windows
  • New: improved window handling when locking layout parameters
  • Fix: issue with caption matching with 2 parts (with separator)
  • Fix: some issues on systems with monitors with different dpi settings
  • Fix: some minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 6.3.1(22.10.18)

  • New: resizing of windows without sizing borders
  • New: reduced minimum update check interval to 7 days

Version 6.3.0(18.10.18)

  • New: hot-key for creating a rule for currently active window only
  • New: confirmation sound for hot-keys
  • New: edit window properties directly from the list
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 6.2.0(24.09.18)

  • New: option for moving a window relative to current mouse position
  • New: button for centering a window on screen

Version 6.1.2(30.08.18)

  • New: using 0 for the match option "Handle if title changed within x ms" makes the rule always check windows that change the title

Version 6.1.1(15.08.18)

  • Fix: issue with automatic archive function not backing up all files
  • Fix: small issue with update check

Version 6.1.0(11.08.18)

  • New: custom icons for windows minimized to tray
  • New: option to keep window always on screen
  • New: automatic archiving of configuration
  • New: improved "About" and "Update" dialogs
  • Fix: higher resolution application tray icon for high desktop scaling values
  • Fix: various small bug fixes, changes and improvements

Version 6.0.0(22.07.18)

  • New: complete redesign of functionality based on manual rule creation
  • New: improved basic concept of rules
  • New: groups for organizing rules
  • New: simplified configuration and handling
  • New: simplified multi-monitor support
  • New: modernized, simplified interface
  • New: drag & drop support for rearranging rules and groups
  • New: more detailed license information in "About" dialog
  • New: updated license agreement and terms of use

Version 5.3.3(05.05.18)

  • New: more status messages in real time monitor dialog"
  • Fix: small glitch in follow options (position, size, etc.)

Version 5.3.2(15.04.18)

  • Fix: handling problem for windows that change caption text

Version 5.3.1(09.04.18)

  • Fix: default handling by rule if maximum number of windows is reached

Version 5.3.0(08.03.18)

  • New: possibility to install and uninstall the program silently for mass deployment. See the manual for details.

Version 5.2.0(05.02.18)

  • New: options to handle window when position, size or state changes (basically for freezing these parameters)

Version 5.1.0(09.10.17)

  • New: monitor can be selected by number (and not only by name, which changes sometimes)
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 5.0.1(05.08.17)

  • Fix: default monitor mode after upgrading now "Last monitor"
  • Fix: option "Keep windows on screen after resolution change" now only applies to resolution changes

Version 5.0.0(04.08.17)

  • New: improved and redesigned multi-monitor support
  • New: profile updates can be triggered by hot-key, time intervals or events (like system idle, screen saver active, session lock)
  • New: global hot-key for applying current profile
  • New: global hot-key for updating current profile
  • New: button for centering windows on screen
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.7.2(18.07.17)

  • Fix: improved compatibility with Windows Vista and XP

Version 4.7.1(16.07.17)

  • Fix: glitch with new on top options when creating new rules, snapshots, etc.

Version 4.7.0(14.07.17)

  • New: hotkey for triggering active window only
  • New: search function for window list
  • New: option for bringing windows on top or below of all others
  • New: option for making windows always on top or always non topmost
  • New: "Del" key removes window items
  • Fix: "Keep windows on screen after display resolution change" defaults to off
  • Fix: updated manual
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.6.1(29.05.17)

  • Fix: support for multiple windows opened with same shortcut, etc.

Version 4.6.0(08.05.17)

  • New: Visual Studio 2017 recompilation
  • New: registration name can be displayed in non-ANSI characters in "About" dialog

Version 4.5.3(06.03.17)

  • New: position, size and state values are initialized with the entered values for new windows matching a rule

Version 4.5.2(28.02.17)

  • Fix: restored size of windows wrong when closed maximized
  • Fix: texts in options dialog at 125% DPI desktop truncated

Version 4.5.1(10.02.17)

  • Fix: pinned tray icons are now removed when windows are closed

Version 4.5.0(03.02.17)

  • New: hot-key for opening main dialog
  • New: snapshot button to create rules for currently open windows
  • New: copy & paste rules and windows (within or between profiles)
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.4.1(10.12.16)

  • Fix: setup problems for user names starting with 'n' or 'r'
  • Fix: default configuration path in user profile when selecting custom data location

Version 4.4.0(10.10.16)

  • New: time trigger to execute profiles repeatedly
  • New: option to execute profiles by triggers without switching the currelty selected (and active) profile
  • Fix: small bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.3.0(16.09.16)

  • New: power event triggers (resume from sleep, plug into ac power, etc.)
  • New: advanced command "STATE" now with parameters for making a window topmost or non-topmost
  • Fix: bug causing window items to be created when already matching item exists
  • Fix: small bug fixes and improvements

Version 4.2.2(02.06.16)

  • Fix: setup warns if data location is selected on drives without write permission

Version 4.2.1(26.05.16)

  • Fix: rules disappearing when multiple windows with exact same properties exist under one rule

Version 4.2.0(23.05.16)

  • New: option to ignore commands on trigger
  • Fix: thread safe window list to prevent window list corruption

Version 4.1.1(14.04.16)

  • Fix: window positions on left screen edge not working under Windows 10

Version 4.1.0(12.04.16)

  • New: option for defining window positions and sizes relative to the current screen size
  • New: option to keep windows on screen if resolution changes
  • Fix: remember windows after display change and other triggers

Version 4.0.7(23.03.16)

  • Fix: crash with "Freeze" option

Version 4.0.6(22.01.16)

  • Fix: improved handling of maximized windows on multi-monitor systems

Version 4.0.5(16.01.16)

  • Fix: pick function for window positions and sizes in actions dialog

Version 4.0.4(02.01.16)

  • Fix: reduced minimum size of main dialog for high-DPI displays

Version 4.0.3(31.12.15)

  • Fix: loading of profiles with more than 255 windows

Version 4.0.2(25.12.15)

  • Fix: options saving with multiple profiles

Version 4.0.1(17.12.15)

  • Fix: "Freeze" option did not work correctly

Version 4.0.0(12.12.15)

  • New: handle only selected windows defined by rules (instead of all windows like in previous version)
  • New: completely different hig-level approach for better compatibility and reliability
  • New: removed low-level system message hooks for better performance and less system load
  • New: support for Modern UI apps under Windows 10
  • New: monitor dialog for getting real-time information about opening, closing, changing windows
  • New: more powerful and intuitive configuration of window handling rules
  • New: new options saving system that allows the configuration to be kept when updating versions
  • New: improved user interface with comfortable ways to select windows for creating rules
  • New: advanced command scripts can be executed when opening or closing a window
  • Fix: many bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.7.2(23.09.15)

  • Fix: ignoring Task Scheduler error when creating auto startup task

Version 3.7.1(21.09.15)

  • Fix: ignoring of window state sometimes restored the window

Version 3.7.0(20.09.15)

  • New: improved window state handling (minimized, maximized, etc.) Can now be ignored.
  • New: digitally signed setup program and main program
  • New: improved setup program

Version 3.6.2(18.08.15)

  • New: Visual Studio 2015 recompilation
  • Fix: post-setup copy operations for unattended setup improved (see manual for details)

Version 3.6.1(08.08.15)

  • Fix: improved Windows 10 compatibility (ignore Modern UI apps)
  • Fix: hiding windows by clicking tray icon sometimes did not work

Version 3.6.0(18.07.15)

  • New: Windows 10 compatibility

Version 3.5.0(27.05.15)

  • New: remember pin state of tray minimized windows
  • New: left-button minimize to tray for specified windows

Version 3.4.3(28.11.14)

  • Fix: keyboard navigation in main dialog not working
  • Fix: ESC key to hide main dialog not working

Version 3.4.2(08.11.14)

  • Fix: crash with extremely long texts in match window edit fields

Version 3.4.1(23.07.14)

  • Fix: window positions correctly restored when starting WindowManager by command line with profile parameter

Version 3.4.0(19.06.14)

  • New: delay parameter for screen and session triggers
  • New: session changes as profile triggers

Version 3.3.4(18.04.14)

  • Fix: various small bug fixes and internal improvements

Version 3.3.3(28.06.13)

  • New: windows with "Keep" property will not be moved to top of the window list (for advanced users)
  • Fix: incorrect position of maximized windows on multi-monitor systems

Version 3.3.2(02.06.13)

  • Fix: auto start default off to prevent problems on multi-user platforms

Version 3.3.1(13.04.13)

  • New: backup / restore / reset configuration in "About" dialog
  • Fix: longer hook activation timeout
  • Fix: various small bug fixes and improvements

Version 3.3.0(04.03.13)

  • New: restructured code for better compatibility and stability
  • New: moved option "Hide closed windows" to main dialog
  • New: properties dialog shows current window caption (useful for identifying text changers)
  • Fix: inconsistency when handling delayed windows
  • Fix: hooks updated after Explorer crash

Version 3.2.0(15.02.13)

  • New: minimize any window to the system tray area by right-clicking the minimize button on the window

Version 3.1.1(07.02.13)

  • Fix: installation problem under Windows XP

Version 3.1.0(06.02.13)

  • New: possibility to compare 2 parts in modes "Caption contains" and "Caption does not contain"
  • Fix: improved detecion of window changes for modes other than exact match

Version 3.0.4(28.12.12)

  • New: improved update installation

Version 3.0.3(18.12.12)

  • Fix: typo in options dialog

Version 3.0.2(16.12.12)

  • Fix: typo in options dialog

Version 3.0.1(06.11.12)

  • Fix: crash wehn starting disabled

Version 3.0.0(17.10.12)

  • New: powerful profile trigger system
  • New: re-enable after Explorer restart
  • New: apply profile when selected
  • New: apply profile with command line parameter
  • New: apply profile with Hot-Key
  • New: apply profile on screen change (e.g. if second monitor is attached / detached)
  • New: Windows 8 compatible

Version 2.0.3(06.04.12)

  • Fix: empty window caption of update check dialog

Version 2.0.2(02.02.12)

  • New: improved license check in update dialog

Version 2.0.1(20.01.12)

  • Fix: crash when closing main dialog with "Cancel"

Version 2.0.0(08.12.11)

  • New: profiles for saving sets of configurations
  • New: save view mode of Explorer Windows under Windows 7
  • New: option to activate a window
  • New: resizeable main dialog

Version 1.9.1(14.10.11)

  • New: improved unattended setup with init of user configuration

Version 1.9.0(15.09.11)

  • New: increased flexibility for setting options and creating templates
  • Fix: updated manual

Version 1.8.3(25.03.11)

  • New: increased default wait for text change time to 1000 ms
  • Fix: compatibility to WordPad

Version 1.8.2(06.01.11)

  • Fix: manually created startup links not deleted anymore

Version 1.8.1(21.12.10)

  • Fix: autostart for limited users

Version 1.8.0(20.12.10)

  • New: autostart now with administrative privileges

Version 1.7.4(11.10.10)

  • New: automatic update check
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.7.3(05.10.10)

  • Fix: state handling (restore, minimize, maximize) problem

Version 1.7.2(16.09.10)

  • Fix: Explorer default caption detected incorrectly on some systems

Version 1.7.1(11.09.10)

  • New: license file extension changed from "dlc" to "DeskSoftLicense" to avoid incompatibilities with other programs

Version 1.7.0(14.07.10)

  • New: window matching by program

Version 1.6.0(14.07.10)

  • New: automatic detection of localized Windows Explorer captions under Vista and Windows 7

Version 1.5.3(22.06.10)

  • Fix: saving current settings and options when shutting down the computer
  • Fix: removed Windows 2000 from the compatibility list

Version 1.5.2(20.05.10)

  • Fix: settings lost after reboot

Version 1.5.1(14.04.10)

  • Fix: window position now not overwritten if window caption changes

Version 1.5.0(07.04.10)

  • New: option "Enable" on main dialog
  • New: option "Explorer only" on main dialog
  • New: option "Freeze" on main dialog
  • New: setup distribution in exe file format
  • fix: improved compatibility

Version 1.4.1(01.12.09)

  • Fix: detection of closed windows

Version 1.4.0(25.11.09)

  • New: "New" button for easy creation of new window rules
  • New: caption and class matching mode "Does not contain"

Version 1.3.2(17.11.09)

  • Fix: not setting focus to the opened windows by default anymore

Version 1.3.1(04.11.09)

  • Fix: default options for new installations

Version 1.3.0(18.10.09)

  • New: option for right-clicking the tray icon to disable / enable WindowManager temporarily
  • New: option for disabling / enabling the tray icon
  • Fix: window position now not overwritten if window caption changes

Version 1.2.1(26.08.09)

  • New: full Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) compatibility
  • Fix: coonfiguration not saved when restarting Windows

Version 1.2.0(24.08.09)

  • New: tray icon to indicate WindowManager is active (can be clicked to show main dialog)
  • Fix: main dialog not on top of other windows
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1.3(01.08.09)

  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1.2(24.06.09)

  • Fix: uninstall not working under certain configurations

Version 1.1.1(22.06.09)

  • New: updated setup routine. Added warning when an antivirus software, firewall, etc. blocks setup.
  • Fix: various small internal improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1.0(07.06.09)

  • New: option to execute any command line when opening a window
  • New: option to ignore a window if one of that kind is already open
  • New: option to move/size a window only once and have it remember the position/size subsequently
  • Fix: improved compatibility
  • Fix: speed improvements / significantly reduced system workload

Version 1.0.2(02.06.09)

  • Fix: problem with setup when not choosing default data path

Version 1.0.1(07.05.09)

  • New: option to hide windows from the list that are not currently open
  • New: closed windows are displayed in gray
  • New: properties dialog improved for better handling of special rules

Version 1.0.0(06.05.09)

  • First public release of WindowManager

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